torque range: 90 - 660 Nm
size: 5
performance: 0,12 - 9,2 kW
ratio: 3.58:1 - 70:1

The new 2-stage bevel helical gear units with optimised performanceare an innovative NORD design made from high-strength aluminiumalloy.Thanks to the washdown version, the new 2-stage NORDBLOC.1bevel gear units are especially suitable for applications in the foodindustry. Further fields of use are include conveyor belts, lifting gearor warehouse systems.


  • The gear unit has no pockets, recesses or undercuts. Thereforeeasy cleaning and draining of dirt and liquids is guaranteed.
  • In combination with our smooth surface motors, the gear unitsare ideal for use in the food industry.
  • The rigid construction ensures optimum integration in existingsystems and is easy to fit and remove.
  • The wide range of speed ratios (i=3.5 to 70) enables optimumadaptation to customers’ requirements.
  • Greater safety due to double seal as standard
  • Available in open or closed washdown versions with , NSD Tuphwhich is resistant to both acids and alkalis.


  • Corrosion-resistant due to aluminium
  • Easy to clean thanks to smooth surfaces (washdown liquids alwaysrun off)
  • 60% increase in power density compared with the previouslyavailable range
  • Suitable for large forces due to enlarged heavy duty drive shaftbearings
  • Sealing options such as double radial shaft sealing rings providehighly reliable sealing for special applications.
  • Environmentally friendly through minimised lubricant volume
  • Flexible application through compact design with short IECadapter, integrated into the proven NORD modular system


  • No recesses
  • Smooth surfaces
  • No assembly cover
  • Large radii
  • Inclined surfaces

NSD Tuph

Sealed Surface Conversion System

  • Surface treatment
  • No detachment possible
  • Corrosion-resistant -just like stainless steel
  • No flaking
  • No corrosion penetration

Unique housing

  • Lightweight with high strength
  • Minimal use of materials
  • Cool surfaces

Especially suited toapplications in:

  • Food and beverage
  • Conveyingn Lifting equipment
  • Warehouse systems

Designed and constructed according to the following standards: EHEDG, ANSI / BISSC, ANSI / NSF