size: 5
torque range: 21 - 427 Nm
performance: 0,12 - 4,0 kW
ratio: 5.00:1- 3,000.00:1

UNIVERSAL SI and SMI worm gear units from NORD DRIVESYSTEMS provide a high power density and are extremely compact. They feature quiet torque transfer. Thanks to their simple and effective structure they take upconsiderably less space than other types of gear unit. The gear units are available in SI and SMI versions (with smooth closed surfaces).


  • A larger selection of shaft diameters provides greater flexibility for customers.
  • On the drive side, IEC adapters provide several standard motor attachments for gear units of all sizes.
  • Operation as a double gear unit is also possible for very high speed ratios.
  • Because of the large selection of components from the modular system, gear units can be optimally adapted to requirements.
  • W-cylinder (free drive shaft)
  • H10 first stage for larger gear ratios
  • Torque support


  • Gears and shafts from the tried-and-tested modular system

Modular and flexible

  • Use of various motors with IEC adapters
  • The SMI flange housing can be combined with all SI series flanges
  • Optimised NORD gear unit modules
  • Standard IEC B5 / B14 interfaces for all sizes of gear unit

NSD Tuph

Sealed Surface Conversion System

  • Surface treatment
  • No detachment possible
  • Corrosion-resistant -just like stainless steel
  • No flaking
  • No corrosion penetration

Versatile application

  • Aluminium housing with washdown
  • Can be used in ATEX areas
  • Many possible shaft diameters